Whether you desire a simple ceremony or one steeped in tradition, your
ceremony symbolizes the beginning of your new life together.  
The traditional elements of a wedding ceremony are:

1) The Greeting
2) The Declaration of Intentions   (Vows)
3) The Exchange of Rings (Optional)
4) Blessings and Readings
5) The Pronouncement

These basic elements may be embellished and modified to create your
own unique and personal ceremony.  
You may also elect to incorporate a particular religion or belief into your

"Thank you very much the ceremony was perfect.  Off to Italy for us"

"First- Thank you so much for everything! You performed an absolutely beautiful
ceremony. At first, I didn't believe you when you told me we'd forget about all the
guests while we were up there, but you were so right! You made us both feel so
comfortable and relaxed, and we needed that."

"Thank you for a wonderful ceremony!  We received so many compliments about the

" I cannot thank you enough for coming to my rescue and your web site should
The Wedding Ceremony